God Blesses Persistence

And He said, "Let Me go
(Genesis 32:26)
Jacob went from being called a Supplanter to being called one who strives with God, Israel. Jacob wrestled with God and would not let Him go until God blessed Him. I am sure God loved Jacob's zeal and chutzpah. God blesses persistence. God loves for His children to get-a-hold of Him and not let go until He blesses them. The next time God gets hold of you, you hold on to Him until your blessing comes. Here's how: keep on asking, keep on seeking, and keep on knocking until God answers. It is not a matter of God giving in to you; it is a matter of you giving in to God. He knows what we want. He wants us to know how much we want it. God does not bless half-heartedness. We do not need God to achieve mediocrity. Get hold of a dream and then get hold of God until He blesses your dream and makes it a reality.