Whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding; he...destroys his own soul. Wounds and dishonor he will get, and his reproach will not be wiped away.
(Proverbs 6:32-33)
There is no sound reasoning against the truths of God's Word. It is and must continue to be the foundation and source of morality. Any other foundation is shifting sand and situational morality. Our text is clear, and you and I are not exceptions to it. Adultery has never, is never and will never be justifiable before a holy God. It is sin. And like all sin, you cannot afford it. No matter how enticing it may appear, it destroys, wounds, dishonors and brings life long reproach. Therefore do not even flirt with the idea of adultery. Keep your vows. Be a man of integrity or a woman of dignity. If you find yourself in its clutches, flee, run, and escape with all diligence. Do whatever it takes to keep your marriage intact. Adultery is mentioned forty times in the scriptures and never once is it spoken of in a positive way. The Decalogue says of it, "You shall not commit adultery."[7]

{7} Exodus 20:14