There Is No Middle Class In Eternity

Excellent speech is not becoming to a fool, much less lying lips to a prince.
(Proverbs 17:7)
The Scriptures are clear, "You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people…”[1] As those who attempt to speak the mind of God without the Spirit of God are foolish, those who speak deception having the Spirit of God are likewise foolish. It simply is not fitting for children of the King to fabricate a story or for fools to fabricate their status. Neither is becoming. Both are sordid. If we find ourselves boasting in that which we are not, or lying about our achievements, let us quickly realize that it is not fitting for us to do so. Let our speech be according to our rank and our message level and true. For lying is for fools and excellent speech for the noble. Which we are depends on to whom we belong. We are either children of the King of kings or children of darkness. There is no such thing as a middle class in the eternal scope of life.

[1] 1 Peter 2:9