God’s Teachers

Then the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said...
(Numbers 22:28)
During summer break from college, my brother worked for a local construction company. At the end of his first day, the foreman asked him to clean the dried concrete from some galvanized buckets. He was busy chipping away with a mason’s tool when a fellow named Soddo approached. Soddo, who was a mentally retarded Italian immigrant, said to my brother, “I show you how clean bucket.” My brother in his youthful arrogance thought, “Sure, I’m an engineering student, and a mentally retarded laborer is going to teach me how to clean a bucket.” Nevertheless, he smugly handed it to him. Soddo took the bucket, slammed it against a wall causing all of the dried concrete to instantly fall out. He then, with a smile, handed the bucket back and walked away, leaving Jimmy standing wide-mouthed with bucket in hand.
The moral of the story - God can use anybody or anything to teach His children. All we need is an ear to hear. Just remember Balaam’s donkey.