The Road to Failure

He who sows iniquity will reap sorrow, and the rod of his anger will fail.
(Proverbs 22:8)
Wrong never produces right. Sin is never justified nor does it ever yield righteousness. Sin leads to iniquity and iniquity leads to trouble. Those who are filled with it are angry. Those who practice it are always troubled and angered about many things. No one can please them; no one is able to meet their expectations. He or she can only seek fun, never joy. Sensual pleasures are their only solace. They find no pleasure in the things of God. This is the rout of sin unless it is checked. Sin leads to iniquity, which leads to anger, which lead to failure. The only way to reverse the downward course is confession of its root, sin. Unless we deal honestly with our sin, we will become filled with iniquity and anger. Are you angry? Are you failing at life's endeavors? Is there iniquity in your life? Deal with your sin. Take it to the cross of Calvary; confess it and Seek repentance.