True Compassion

When He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion . . . because they were like sheep having no shepherd.
(Matthew 9:36)
This is the condition of a world without Christ. They are but sheep without a shepherd. Our attitude toward them should be the same as Christ’s, an attitude of compassion. If you have Christ, you have good news. If you have good news, you ought to share it. The world does not need to be rebuked, threatened or ignored. The world needs real compassion. The world needs Christ.

You and I have a mandate to tell them. This mandate is more than a commandment. It is to be from a heart of compassion. When we see the state of the lost and understand their fate, we should be moved to compassion. They are but lost sheep that need a good shepherd. Will you be a shepherd to them that you might bring them to the knowledge of the Great Shepherd, the Lord Christ Jesus? Ask Christ to move you to compassion for the lost, and reach out to a people who have no shepherd.