Captivity or Freedom?

All Israel was recorded . . . and . . . inscribed in the book . . . but Judah was carried away captive.
(1 Chronicles 9:1)
Both Israel and Judah were the descendants of Jacob and heirs of the laws and statutes of God. What was the difference? In a word, the difference was “obedience.” God has not changed. He remains the same. Those who obey are recorded and those who do not are taken away captive. If we obey the gospel of Christ our names are recorded in the Book of Life. If we reject, or disobey, the gospel we will be thrown into captivity. The choice is easy: freedom or captivity, prosperity or poverty, peace and joy or anxiety and fear. It is not a matter of choosing captivity or freedom. It is a matter of choosing Christ or rejecting Him. Captivity or freedom will be the fruit of your choice. Are you experiencing freedom in Christ, or do you find yourself captive to life? Turn to Christ; He is remarkable at setting the captives free.