Neutrality Not Permitted

When Pilate saw that he could not prevail...he...washed his hands...saying I am innocent of the blood of this just man.
(Matthew 27:24)
There is no such thing as non-involvement in the Kingdom of God. Neutrality is not permitted. There is a battle and you are in it. You must take sides. You cannot be impartial concerning Christ and His Church. You are either part of the body of Christ or you are not. You will either have to make a stand with Christ or you will stand against Him. Whether a ruler such as Pilate or the soldier at the cross, we cannot be indifferent to Him.

Furthermore, no apathy is permitted in God’s Kingdom, especially by those who consider themselves a part of that Kingdom. We cannot afford the false luxury of indifference. Whether open rebellion or mediocrity, neither is acceptable with regard to our life’s endeavors. Pilate did not get away with attempting to wash his hands of the matter, and neither can we. We must deal with this just Man.