Righteousness Can Only Be Imparted

Let grace be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness...
(Isaiah 26:10)
The only way to empty a man of his wickedness is for that man to be filled with Christ. Teaching the principles of Christ without the presence of Christ is like attempting to fly without wings. All you can do is plummet. Attempting to live a godly life without God in your life is at best superficial. Morality void of Christ is immoral. Righteousness without Him is egotistical. It does little good to attempt to impose righteousness without first introducing Christ. He is the foundation of it. How can we hope to build goodness and godliness on the sinful nature of man? It cannot be done. You can try, and it may stand for a season, but when the first storm of life blows its way it will tumble and fall. The wicked, and we are all wicked without Christ, cannot learn righteousness. It will prove to be a lesson in futility. Righteousness can only be imparted.