Receive the Blessing and obey the Charge

Then Isaac called Jacob and blessed him, and charged him
(Genesis 28:1)
With every blessing there is a charge. We mistakenly think that a blessing is the fruit of our labor. The fruit of our labor comes by obeying the charge. The blessing is God giving us the ability to prosper. The prosperity comes through obedience. When Isaac blessed Jacob, he was blessed, but he surely had no fruit of that blessing. The fruit came when he heeded the charge of his father. I am convinced that every child of God is blessed by his or her heavenly Father. I am sure that God has given you a dream or a vision. That is His blessing. I am likewise sure that He has given you a charge. For your dream or vision to come to fruition, follow the charge. Jacob was blessed, but he did not prosper until he not only obeyed once, but continually. God has blessed you and charged you, now receive the blessing and obey the charge.