Let Us Teach Our Children

When you roam, they will lead you; when you sleep, they will keep you; and when you awake, they will speak with you.
(Proverbs 6:22)
The wise counsel of loving parents will stay with an obedient child for the rest of his or her life. However, there must first be wise instruction and prudent teaching. The problem arises when we fail to take the time to teach our children the good that we know. We more than often spend more time taking them to instruction than giving them instruction. We may be relegating too much training and educating to others. I am not saying that every child is to be home schooled, but every home ought to be a school. Let us take advantage of the various educational systems, but let us not leave all the education of our children to others. It is OK for another to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, but we, as parents should be teaching our children what to read and what to right and what to problems need solved. Let us purposefully implant in our children the level of wisdom we have achieved. It will guide them for the rest of their lives.